Friday, November 18, 2005

Just a quick recap after the dust has settled. I've paid off my credit cards since my 0% APR deal is up in January. They'll be paid-in-full from here on out. I've decided to transfer $300 into my ING account after my last paycheck and tuition reimbursement check cleared. This is in addition to my automatic $50 contribution.

So on Monday 11/21 (when my transfers will go through) I'll have the following in my accounts:

USBank: $344.34
INGDirect: $1491.70

In addition to the Sharebuilder account and CD.

As far as liabilities, I've already spent $91 on my mtvU card so far this month. I attribute this to bar visits. It'll be PIF again next month.

From here on out we'll focus on my ING account's progress. I hope to have near $1600 in my ING account by the end of this month. If all goes well, I'll hit my goal of over $3000 by the end of this school year. Much of this depends on the amount locked up in my B&M CD, which should mature in February. I don't think it's a lot of money, but who knows. It could range anywhere from <$1000-$5000+. I think it's between $1000-$1500. We'll find out in February. I've considered other investment vehicles, such as I-Bonds and short-term CDs. The problem with I-bonds is I'll need the money in about 6 months. I haven't found a short term CD (<6>4% APY) and doesn't have a large minimum deposit. I'm also leary of CDs since the Fed is expected to raise rates again in December.

So for now I'll just collect the money in my ING account. Futher complicating matters a possible chance to study abroad in Australia next May. That will eat up quite a bit of my funds, but obviously it will be worth it since it's pretty much a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I can postpone my plans to make time for Australia :)


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