Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Finally received my tuition reimbursement check for this semester. At the beginning of each semester I purchase all of my books, then file a claim form with a receipt and wait for my reimbursement check. Well today I finally got my check in the mail, a nice $417. I've also paid my 2 credit cards off completely. After my payments post and my deposits clear, I'll update my status. In the meantime, I have a balance of $985.77 in my checking account. Usually the balance is never this high, so I'll enjoy it while I can. :)

Until then, I'll share the current holdings in my portfolio. I admit, most of these investments (or, more accurately, the paltry amounts held) were mistakes. Oh well. Selling after paying commissions many times the amount invested would be an even bigger mistake. I'll hold onto them for awhile. It should go without saying I'm not an investment professional. I don't recommend my style of investing to anyone.

So now that that's out of the way, onto the portfolio:

Ticker Symbol: Quantity: Value as of close 11/15/2005:
KO 2.317 98.38
PG 2.011 112.59
DIS 1.069 27.87
WEN 1.033 48.68
INTC 0.497 12.46
GVT 0.248 2.16
SVU 0.066 2.13
CIN 0.058 2.28
QQQQ 0.057 2.29
IJR 0.044 2.49
IYY 0.039 2.31
IJH 0.034 2.47
IWV 0.032 2.30
DIA 0.020 2.16
SPY 0.018 2.26

No, those aren't typos, I actually own many fractional shares of stock. All of those $2.xx started as $2 investments in the summer of 2004, to give you an idea of my gains.

Currently, my plans are to hold off on investing until I reach my $3000 goal. At that point, I will open an account with Fidelity in an effort to consolidate my finances. Eventually, I'd like to get the Fidelity Mastercard (1.5% cashback on all purchases.) With Fidelity, I plan on mainly buying index ETFs. I probably won't transfer my existing funds at Sharebuilder over to Fidelity, but I haven't decided for sure yet. From here on out, I will only invest in increments of ~$500, to limit the effect of commissions on my holdings.

More to come later.


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