Saturday, February 11, 2006

For those of you who have Citi credit cards, you might try asking for a credit line increase. They seem to be getting a little more liberal with the preapproved CLIs. Here's a FatWallet thread about it.

Login to your account online, move your mouse over "Manage My Account" and click "Credit Line Increase Request." Previously, Citi required having the card for 6 months before being eligible for an increase, but I got an increase on a card I've had for 5 months.

I got an $800 CLI on my Driver's Edge card, and a $1000 CLI on my mtvU card. Last month I got a $500 increase on my Dividend card.

I also received another increase on my AMEX Blue, this time to $4600. In 1 month with AMEX I've gone from $2000 > $2400 > $4600.

So give the Citi thing a shot. Be warned, if you're not preapproved for a CLI, you'll be shown a form to fill out. If you fill out this form, you'll probably get a hard inquiry on your credit report.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Almost forgot:

From about 2 months of following my strategy during the holidays, I earned enough ThankYou Points for a $50 gift certificate. I chose one from So far I've purchased a CD, but I've got about $36 left. I'll save that for a future purchase (it's good until May 2007.)

A positive aspect to all the expenses I've listed in my previous post is that I've been able to charge them all to my Dividend card. So at least I'm getting 1% back (better than nothing.) I think after this statement I'll have $25-$30 in my Dividend Dollars account.

So in about 5 months of CC usage, I've accumulated a $50 GC and over $20 in cash. I'm not a big spender by any means, so I don't think that's too bad. It pays to pay for everything on credit and pay in full.

Sorry for the lack of an update in quite awhile.

Unfortunately, I've had a few expected and unexpected expenses come up in the last month (to the tune of $700+.) I'm also down right now since I purchased my books at the beginning of the semester and haven't been reimbursed yet (a little over $400.) So things kind of suck right now in that regard.

I moved about all of my money from ING to HSBC a couple weeks ago. Right now I've got about $30 in ING and about $1200 in HSBC, and that's it for savings.

So I'm off track, due to some "emergencies," but that's what the savings are there for right?

Oh, I also replied to a preapproved offer for AMEX Blue. Got it with a $2400 limit.

I'll try to keep this updated, but things are busy with school right now. Sorry again for being absent for so long.

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