Sunday, March 19, 2006

$100 bonus for Schwab Credit Card

Charles Schwab is offering a $100 bonus for signing up for their credit card and making a purchase. The card is through MBNA, and is essentially a 1% back card (1 pt / $1 spent.) Nothing special in that regard, but $100 is $100!

The bonus comes in the form of 10,000 bonus points, which can be redeemed for $100. Note that even though the points are called WorldPoints, they are different from other MBNA WorldPoints, in that they can be redeemed for cash at a straight 1% value with just 5,000 points (details here.)

I won't use this card much, but the card seems to have no foreign transaction fees. I'm not sure if this means no additional fees on top of Visa's standard 1%, or no fees at all. The T&C say no fees on foreign transactions. 1% or 0%, I'll still use the card abroad.

I just got my card a few days ago and made a $3 purchase, so let's see if that qualifies as a purchase for the $100 bonus. :)

Almost forgot, here is the link for the 10,000 point signup bonus.


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