Monday, March 13, 2006

Again, sorry for the lack of an update. I know I've been slacking on this whole thing. I'm home for Spring Break now so I'll take some time to give an update.

I'm slowly recovering from a rash of unexpected expenses from earlier this year. Not quite there yet, but working on it. I did get my tuition reimbursement check from my employer for my book expenses back in January. Books cost about $400 this semester, so now that I finally have that money back it's going straight into my HSBC account at 4.80%. Also got a small tax refund from my state and am awaiting a slightly larger refund from the IRS.

In other news, I'm currently looking for a new job. Hopefully I'll find something soon that pays more than what I've been making. It's hard to find a decent part time job that will fit around my school schedule.


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