Monday, April 10, 2006

As an update to a previous post, I have been successful in finding a new job. I've actually had it for a few weeks now (I'm bad at updating.) I make more money than I did at my previous job, which is good, and the work is related to my field of study.

I'm also in the process of securing a second job for myself this summer, working for a professor in the department. The summer job pays as a stipend, and will probably work out to just less than minimum wage. But- it's only 10 hrs/week, so I'll still have time for my other job and the two classes I'll be taking. Even though the pay sucks, the experience will be worth it.

As an update to my last post about the Schwab credit card, I see I have 10,000 bonus points "pending" in my Schwab account. Looks like the $2.65 charge qualified for the $100 bonus.

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